The International Women & Minorities Auto Racing Museum
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Allen & Allen Motor Speedway Racing, LLC. is preparing to open The International Women & Minorities Racing Museum 

The International Women & Minorities Racing Museum

The Racing Museum will include various racing artifacts, antique model cars and racing memorabilia depicting the involvement of minorities and women in Auto Racing. The Museum will also have the history of Slot Car Racing and Radio Control Racing in the United States from its humble beginnings in the 1950s to the present, as well as racing-related artwork. It will also include biographies of the racers, their photographs, photographs of the tracks where they performed their races and photographs and models of their racing cars. 

The Museum will also feature a section devoted exclusively to minority women in racing, which will include their biographies and photographs, photographs of their cars, exhibits, video, available and accessible websites, and information sessions. 

At some point, The Museum will be introducing short films on both men and women minority racers, slot car racing in general, and the history of slot car racing. In addition, The Museum will provide video footage highlights of Allen & Allen Motor Speedway Racing races, corporate events, educational opportunities and its calendar of upcoming events in order to advertise Allen & Allen Motor Speedway Racing products and services, as well as host special guest speakers in its Desktop Cafe, who are involved in slot car racing and racing events. We will also provide various racing-related activities for young children.  

Test your knowledge:

In 1909 In Philadelphia what happen?

In 1975 Soap Box Derby what happen?

In 1975 and 1977 NHRA What happen?

In 2007 Indy 500 what happen?

NHRA Father and daughter who are they?

Nicole Lyons NASCAR or NHRA?

Dr Pepper Sponsor who in 2001?

In 2013 who was pick by A.J. Foyt to drive in Indy?

Richard Pryor played who in what film?

What Racing School is her in Philadelphia, PA ?

In 2016 NHRA who won his 3 championship race
his last name in Brown ?

Who is it in the picture above. We will give you this one, My daughter Ms. Selena Allen at 
U.Y.R.S Racing School Wow!!!

The list below is just some of many
 thousands of men and women in 
auto racing in the United States.

Bill Lester

Wendel Scott

Leonard T. Miller

​Willy T. Ribbs

Nicole Lyon's

Tia Norfleet

Kay Petre

Leilani Munter

Lewis Hamilton

Chase Austin

Violette Morris

James Stewart

Charlie Wiggins

Juan Pablo Montoya

Kenneth W. Wright

Joie Ray

​Colored Speedway Assoc. Drivers, Owners & Mechanics
Test your knowledge
1929​ Colored Speedway Assoc. Drivers, Owners & Mechanics
In 1895 the first true race was held, from Paris to Bordeaux, France, and back, a distance of 1,178 km. The winner made an average speed of 24.15 kph.

Organized automobile racing began in the United States with an 87-km race from Chicago to Evanston, Illinois, and back on Thanksgiving Day in 1895.
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